Friday, September 12, 2014

Honey at the 2014 Governor's Breakfast - Kentucky State Fair

Bottles of honey donated by Kentucky beekeepers for the Governor's breakfast at the 2014 Kentucky State Fair.

Photos by Tammy Horn

Friday, August 1, 2014


John Campbell won the Silver Plate award at the Eastern Apicultural Society's 2014 conference for his design of a tilting bottling stand.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

State fair honey price list

Active members of the Kentucky state beekeepers association are eligible to sell honey at  the KSBA.honey booth at the Kentucky state fair this is a copy of the current price list.

2014 State Fair Honey Prices
Type Selling Price Price toBkeep (70% of sale price)
Extracted Honey    
8-ounce jar 5.5 3.85
1 lb jar 8.5 5.95
Pint jar 11 7.7
1.5 jar 11 7.7
2 lb jar 15 10.5
2.5 lb jar 17 11.9
Quart jar 18.5 12.95
5 lb jar 40 28
8 ounce bear 5.5 3.85
12 ounce bear 7.5 5.25
2 ounce bear 3.5 2.45
Comb Honey   0
1 lb jar 10 7
2 lb jar 16 11.2
Pint jar 12 8.4
2.5 lb jar 17 11.9
Quart jar 20 14
1 lb box 10 7
Ross Round 10 7
Creamed Honey   0
8 ounce jar 8 5.6
1 lb jar 11 7.7
Bulk Wax lbs   0
  10 7
Pollen   0
8 ounce 10 7

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kentucky appoints new state apiarist

From Tammy Horn

​Hi friends:

Some of you have been aware of some conversations taking place between Commissioner of Agriculture Comer and myself to fill the vacancy left in the State Apiarist position when Sean Burgess resigned, effective April 30th.

Although I recommended two highly-qualified people to the Commissioner, I was invited to submit my application, and I have accepted the position of State Apiarist, effective June 01, 2014.  

Because EKU will be hosting EAS this summer and an ongoing Steele-Reese grant, Commissioner Comer and EKU-CEDET have agreed to let me maintain my office at the university for the immediate future. 

My assistant Randy Rosbrook will maintain the responsibilities of Coal Country Beeworks for the immediate future.  He can be reached at (email in the URL).

My email will remain the same for the next four months.

I just wanted to get ahead of the curve a bit by sharing the news that the press release will happen today and also to say, nothing much will change if you need to contact me.  I'm available at this same email address and my cell is still the best way to reach me.

I am looking forward to continuing the goals of both Sean Burgess and Phil Craft as well as working for all the KY beekeepers.  It's a privilege to serve.


Tammy Horn, president of EAS and KSBA

Sunday, April 27, 2014

2014 Eastern Apiculture Society Conference

Kentucky is hosting the 2014 Eastern Apiculture Society Conference July 28 –August 1, 2014. This will be a very informative conference regarding the care of bees and concerns regarding the loss of bees.

The conference will be at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky. The short course will be July 28, 29, 30. The conference will be July 30 thru August 1, 2014.  Register online at

Dorm rooms are available and going fast. For pictures of the dorms and more information about the conference and speakers, visit the EAS 2014 Facebook page.

Kentucky is a unique and beautiful state with much to see and do - something for everyone! We invite you to come early and stay late.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Meeting reminder

The next Bluegrass beekeepers meeting will be Monday April 14th.